Jessica Zane Jessica Zane was doing creative work long before she actually realized it. Still uncertain about adopting the identity of “Artist” into her personal cast of characters, she has nevertheless managed to continue creating pieces for fun and, occasionally, for work. She is an old-school multimedia artist – not the electronic kind. She cycles through passionate stints of photography, mobile making, hand-built pottery, filmmaking and wire sculpture. If she could wave a magic wand she would be a professional photojournalist, travel to dangerous places and take extraordinary photos. But only if her canine pal, Zelda, agreed to come along.

In “real” life Jessica is a former independent corporate event and video producer, working in New York City for nearly 20 years with Fortune 500 clients such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, IBM, and Sony. She currently works freelance, mainly as a project manager and writer.

In June of 2009 she received a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England where she focused on the psychology and sociology of our society as we head into an environmentally uncertain future. Her academic work culminated in a short film entitled “Beyond Denial: The Emotional Terrain of Climate Change.” She is passionate about helping citizens find ways of transitioning with emotional and spiritual grace to more sustainable lifestyles.